JTTS software (in Russian: Движок СТТСа) is a CMS with original interface, developed in 2006 by Artyom Svetlov and Alexander Konov only for websites-photogalleries of public transport. This software was written in PHP,as a repository database using MySQL. Software is closed source. Technical documentation to the software missing.

История Edit

Initially the system was intended only for JTTS, but in 2007 the software was transmitted to the persons interested in creating similar sites.

Despite this, according to assurances Alexander Konov, engine not only is not freeware, but generally not be distributed outside the headquarters of the Administration JTTS. [Http:// # p13854] # p13810 <! - although some members of the opposition, who created Sites on the JTTS software, admitted that the engine bought for 90,000 rubles (27,000 hryvnia) for the development of similar sites. ->
Also, information was circulated that the cost of a perpetual license to use the engine to create a single site is 10 000 roubles (2550 hryvnia).

Alexander Konov still provides technical support sites, made on its software.

Schematic diagram Edit

For the correctness of the words "JTTS" and "" can be replaced by the name of any site based on this software.

Software's Parodies Edit

In July-August 2012 Daniel Kolodiy developed the so-called "Trainphoto's software", which combined some functional of the JTTS software and design of the site "Russian electric train."

Other expression value Edit

The phrase '"JTTS software"' in the project "Sttspedia wiki" can also mean all sites that have been made on this software.

Interwikies Edit

Flag of Russia JTTS software - Читать на русском

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