Main activities and development Edit

This wiki is about:

  • All rules and guidelines, social phenomena associated with sites hosted on JTTS software and Trainphoto.
  • A variety of technical information on transportation that can be very necessary for site users.

We revived after cynical attack of notorious Anonymous and multiply our knowledge of sites hosted on JTTS software and Trainphoto.

How can I help your project? Edit

1. Check and bring all pages of our project to the version current at the moment. It is necessary to comply with terms of Wiki content neutrality

2. We need more illustrations.

3. Keep the information in this wiki up-to-date.

4. Write some missing articles (list is available on the service "Wanted pages").

Sttspedia wiki for everyone Edit

We need experienced participants, which could translate the system into foreign languages in order to provide information to those users who don't speak Russian.

  • Stage 1 - English, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages ​​(languages ​​of TrainPix).
  • Stage 2 - German, Polish, Slovak and Czech languages ​​(languages of ​​JTTS)
  • Stage 3 - Lithuanian language (language of Photobus)

Information objectivity Edit

Administration of the project "Sttspedia wiki" and administration sites hosted on JTTS software and Trainphoto currently can not guarantee complete objectivity of the information on all aspects of projects. Nevertheless, the basic principles of our work - neutrality and independence, report to each objective truth for Users.

Interwikies Edit

Flag of Russia Sttspedia Wiki - Читать на русском

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