Trainphoto's software is a web interface developed in July and August 2012 by Daniel Kolodiy specifically for creating photo galleries of rail transport.

History Edit

Software in some parts of it repeats the corresponding interface elements of JTTS software, in general, taking over from him about 75% of the code browser. Making your home page is similar to the old design of the main page "Russian electric train." Trainphoto's software is a CMS software, written in PHP and uses as a repository database MySQL. Software is closed source. Technical documentation to the software missing.

Structure Edit

Much of the structure similar to the structure of the JTTS software. Making engine borrowed from the site "TrainPix."

Also Edit

The phrase "Trainphoto's software" in the project "Sttspedia Wiki" can also mean all sites that have been made on this software.

Interwiki Edit

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